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SourceCode for DbaseProgrammers.com

The goals of www.dbaseprojects.com is XBASE programmers developing great applications that are inovative. dBASE is a powerful programming database language that can be used for applications that drive e-commerce, business management, and more.

Combining Dbase with other technologies can push you application the extra distance to make an outstanding app. One of the technologies is MySQL. MySQL is becoming one of the most used database back ends on the Internet. By integrating MySql into your applications, you open yourself for easier ways to implement affiliate programs, search engine friendly catalog/shopping cart systems, and more. This opens up a whole new world to e-commerce. By doing this, a company can have their dbase application share data with their SQL driven web sites faster and with more stability then ever. It has been proven time and time again that *nix based servers are far more stable then their Microsoft platform competitors. The scale ability of the Dbase - MySQL - PHP is just amazing. The amount of *nix web servers is growing everyday and the people contributing to the current projects are building bridge between the gaps to not only increase efficiencies but to make the entire Internet process more seamless.

Dbase open source project


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Members Area
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